Announcing Official Support for WordPress

One of the top features requests for ThoughtLeadr’s native advertising platform has been better support for WordPress. A simplified process to get your WordPress blog running the ThoughtLeadr platform. Well, it has finally arrived. The plugin is available on Github … Continue Reading

Moving on… to Percona’s XtraDB Cluster

Moving on from our MongoDB tour of duty, this post describes our recent experience in setting up Master/Slave and transitioning to Master/Master using Percona’s MySQL dbms, using their XtraDB Cluster, and XtraBackup. BACKGROUND We gather impression and click data hourly … Continue Reading

MongoDB or How I learned to stop worrying and love SQL

We’ve been using MongoDB for a year and a half at ThoughtLeadr. During that time we’ve gone from elation to depression using this trendy NoSQL datastore. Based on the documentation, it’s not hard to see why you’d get pulled in. … Continue Reading