Get Ready: The New Web Is Coming

The other day I was checking out an article about ad blocking (ahhh the irony), on a popular tech site while grabbing a quick bite at my desk. As I scrolled down to read the next section an ad popped … Continue Reading

What Makes a Good Ad Isn’t What Makes a Good Native Ad

It’s rare to read an article about native advertising that doesn’t reference the supposed “controversy” surrounding the marketing tactic. More than with traditional advertising, people fear readers will be misled, put off, or flat out pissed off by the fact that brands … Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Native Advertising Terms

Even if you’re a seasoned advertising veteran, some of the lingo springing up around native advertising is less than intuitive, partly because it changes from week to week and differs depending on who you ask. So to make onboarding a … Continue Reading

How Om Got It Wrong: Native Advertising Is Not Only for Social Media

In a recent article in Fast Company, GigaOM founder Om Malik posited that native advertising would work for social media platforms but not for traditional publishers, such as the New York Times. It’s a bold claim, given that native advertising … Continue Reading

Why native advertising won’t suffer the fate of banner As Published On Digiday

In recent months, native advertising has been framed in the media as a sort of higher ground for advertisers who are abandoning the sinking ship of display. In our experience, native ads produce click-through rates close to that of editorial … Continue Reading