ThoughtLeadr Integration: PHP

For integration with ThoughtLeadr, you will need to handle both ad previews and the full-page content. A preview may be the thumbnail or teaser that a user clicks on to go to the full article, image, video, or other media. … Continue Reading

2012 Retrospective: Photo Content

Whether brand-sponsored or user-generated, these are some of our favorite branded photos from this year. Canon, “Inspired by Rebel T4i” Photographs capture some meaningful moments. They catch our reactions, new things we do or see, and the extreme lengths we … Continue Reading

2012 Retrospective: Video Content

Let’s take a peek into some of our favorite video ads of 2012. TNT, “A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square” (41M+ views) Forget 3D. TNT added real-life drama to a Flemish town square, placing a red button with a … Continue Reading

Native Ad Study (Infographic)

According to a recent study of 800 media buyers, agency creatives, online publishers, and investors Native Advertising will be difficult to ignore in 2013. Nearly half of the media buyers surveyed indicated that they’ll run native ads next year. A quarter … Continue Reading

Moving on… to Percona’s XtraDB Cluster

Moving on from our MongoDB tour of duty, this post describes our recent experience in setting up Master/Slave and transitioning to Master/Master using Percona’s MySQL dbms, using their XtraDB Cluster, and XtraBackup. BACKGROUND We gather impression and click data hourly … Continue Reading