Dear Native Advertising Networks: Transparency is Important

I’m absolutely baffled when I hear that media buyers actually purchase inventory from ad networks without a full site list, without control over which sites make sense for a given campaign, and without detailed site-level reporting. This is especially important … Continue Reading

Incentivized Video Views Are Bad

I was reading Mike Shields’s recent article covering Jun Network. It got me thinking about incentivized video views and I figured I should jot my thoughts down. I don’t place much value in an incentivized view. Being an avid mobile … Continue Reading

Announcing Official Support for WordPress

One of the top features requests for ThoughtLeadr’s native advertising platform has been better support for WordPress. A simplified process to get your WordPress blog running the ThoughtLeadr platform. Well, it has finally arrived. The plugin is available on Github … Continue Reading

Using the ThoughtLeadr Native Advertising Platform

How to setup, clone, and delete a campaign Campaign Reporting

ThoughtLeadr Javascript API v2

Overview ThoughtLeadr’s JavaScript API allows publishers to control/report your native advertising inventory in the browser. Calls can be made to load an ad, record user actions, or open an ads target URL. Requirements Thoughtleadr Publisher Account with Public Key Basic … Continue Reading