A Response from the Damned: On Bob Garfield’s Moral Shaming of Native Advertisers

In a recent editorial in The Guardian, author and NPR host Bob Garfield brought out some sharp claws to tear native advertising a new one, saying publishers who sell native ad space are engaging in “moral corruption,” “dropping their knickers,” … Continue Reading

How Om Got It Wrong: Native Advertising Is Not Only for Social Media

In a recent article in Fast Company, GigaOM founder Om Malik posited that native advertising would work for social media platforms but not for traditional publishers, such as the New York Times. It’s a bold claim, given that native advertising … Continue Reading

Incentivized Video Views Are Bad

I was reading Mike Shields’s recent article covering Jun Network. It got me thinking about incentivized video views and I figured I should jot my thoughts down. I don’t place much value in an incentivized view. Being an avid mobile … Continue Reading

Announcing Official Support for WordPress

One of the top features requests for ThoughtLeadr’s native advertising platform has been better support for WordPress. A simplified process to get your WordPress blog running the ThoughtLeadr platform. Well, it has finally arrived. The plugin is available on Github … Continue Reading

Using the ThoughtLeadr Native Advertising Platform

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