Dear Native Advertising Networks: Transparency is Important

I’m absolutely baffled when I hear that media buyers actually purchase inventory from ad networks without a full site list, without control over which sites make sense for a given campaign, and without detailed site-level reporting. This is especially important … Continue Reading

2012 Retrospective: Photo Content

Whether brand-sponsored or user-generated, these are some of our favorite branded photos from this year. Canon, “Inspired by Rebel T4i” Photographs capture some meaningful moments. They catch our reactions, new things we do or see, and the extreme lengths we … Continue Reading

2012 Retrospective: Video Content

Let’s take a peek into some of our favorite video ads of 2012. TNT, “A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square” (41M+ views) Forget 3D. TNT added real-life drama to a Flemish town square, placing a red button with a … Continue Reading

Native Advertising & User Experience

Let’s be honest, “native advertising” isn’t quite part of every marketer’s vocabulary yet, but I’ve definitely encountered some innovative folks in the industry who understand what it fundamentally entails. For those who are foreign to the concept… Native ads are … Continue Reading

ThoughtLeadr: NYC Edition

Brands of the universe—ThoughtLeadr has officially landed in New York City! Last week our team met with some awesome people at AdWeek to spread the word. We’ve since opened up an office on the Best Coast (the East Coast, that … Continue Reading