I’m absolutely baffled when I hear that media buyers actually purchase inventory from ad networks without a full site list, without control over which sites make sense for a given campaign, and without detailed site-level reporting.

This is especially important with native advertising because context matters, as does organic content that lives around sponsored/promoted brand content. One of the reasons why some native ad networks force media buyers to purchase blindly is because these networks don’t have quality inventory.

Today, media buyers rightfully demand full disclosure to evaluate every nook and cranny where the brand content might appear for the duration of a campaign. This demand for transparency enhances the quality of inventory offered by networks and makes transparency an industry standard.

Here are some ways ThoughtLeadr is helping media buyers by setting the right example for other native ad networks…


ThoughtLeadr prides itself on transparency, so advertisers know the exact sites and apps where their brand content will run. No one likes to purchase blindly and no one should purchase blindly. This is especially important with native advertising because the content must match the context in an integrated way that goes well beyond “look-and-feel” but also considers the actual voice and spirit of the campaign. Additionally, we provide site-level reporting to evaluate performance and optimize on the fly.


ThoughtLeadr focuses on publisher partnerships that provide true scale and quality for advertisers. Every week, our business development team integrates new online and mobile publishers to enhance our offering. The team curates amongst trusted and well-known publishers that have strong brand equity and sizable followings, typically over 1,000,000 monthly unique users. Publishers are brands in and of themselves, and we want to connect advertisers with users that are loyal to these publishers so users can enjoy high-impact branded experiences within the sites and apps they love and trust.


Our team focuses on sourcing premium placements with our direct publisher relationships. You can’t get more premium than a publisher’s content well. It’s the holiest piece of real estate. With native advertising, these placements are up for sale, provided that brand content is good, i.e. created with context and user experience in mind. ThoughtLeadr’s publisher integrations and relationships are so tight that branded content will live on forever. This incentivizes accountability and quality brand content.


One of the reasons media buyers will partner with an ad network is to achieve scale, touching a sizeable number of people that are relevant to the advertiser. Before native advertising became a buzzword, scale was one of the primary arguments that tried to mute the hype around brand content distribution. However, ThoughtLeadr has solved this concern by expanding its online and mobile reach to over 140,000,000 monthly unique users in the USA, larger than any other native ad network. That’s almost 1 in every 2 Americans.


Arton Gjonbalaj heads up ThoughtLeadr’s native ad sales, connecting brands with consumers in a human way that provokes real conversation and drives meaningful engagement. Follow him on Twitter @ArtonGjonbalaj.

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