Whether brand-sponsored or user-generated, these are some of our favorite branded photos from this year.

Canon, “Inspired by Rebel T4i”

Photographs capture some meaningful moments. They catch our reactions, new things we do or see, and the extreme lengths we take. Which brand will help consumers capture and share the moments that matter?

AXE, “Anarchy”

AXE broadened its product offering earlier this year with a limited-edition women’s body spray line to enhance its already-popular men’s Anarchy line. Juxtaposing relatable characters with dangerous situation, AXE cleverly balances the brand’s male-female tension.

Skittles, “Burger Recipe”

Consumers spend time with the things they enjoy, including the iconic sweet treats that have come to shape American culture. It’s important for advertisers to pay attention to the ways in which consumers reinvent their products, both recreationally for matters of form and functionally to fulfill a specific purpose.

Hoover, “Chunks”

We don’t normally associate household brands with edgy and provocative marketing, but Hoover’s an exception. In this ad, Hoover takes a jab at competitors while reinforcing relatable humor.

Snapple, “America’s Got Talent Real Facts”

Snapple partnered with America’s Got Talent this summer to promote the brand and build on past success with its Real Facts campaign.

Ben & Jerry’s, “Pint Holder”

Ben & Jerry’s features weekly “Fan Fotos” on Facebook to share user-generated photos from diehard fans, depicting the lengths they take to incorporate the brand into every aspect of life.


Arton Gjonbalaj heads up East Coast ad sales in New York, partnering with brands to help them exceed their marketing objectives. In his spare time, he slays display ad dragons. You should follow him on Twitter @ArtonGjonbalaj.

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