After Monday’s article showing the traffic pattern of reddit for April, I wanted to update the numbers to include level of engagement. Here’s the updated list showing how much users engaged with the top sites link to on reddit:

  1. DeviantArt – 1.72 EV
  2. Tumblr – 1.5 EV
  3. Imgur – 1.46 EV
  4. WordPress – 1.21 EV
  5. Wikipedia – 1.2 EV
  6. QuickMeme – 1.17 EV
  7. Flickr – 1.17 EV
  8. Vimeo – 1.09 EV
  9. Youtube – 1.05 EV
  10. SoundCloud – 1.04 EV
  11. Blogspot – 0.79 EV
  12. MemeGenerator – 0.79 EV

EV stands for “engagement value”. Its a calculated score comprising the likelihood that a post from a particular website will drive comments and votes on reddit. As you can see from the numbers above, DeviantArt produced the most engaging content for the month of April followed closely by Tumblr and Imgur. Based off the top three results, its clear that novel creative content is the greatest driver of user engagement in social.

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