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At ThoughtLeadr, in order to serve the most relevant social ads, we analyze the flow of conversations on some of the largest social networks. One of the most influential networks on the net right now is reddit, the social news site.

Here’s a summary of the sites reddit is driving the most traffic to for the month of April:

  1. Imgur – 29.9% or 536,617 links
  2. Youtube – 10% or 181,202 links
  3. QuickMeme – 4.8% or 85,614 links
  4. Tumblr – 1.04% or 18,766 links
  5. Flickr – 0.66% or 11,948 links
  6. Blogspot – 0.59% or 10683 links
  7. MemeGenerator – 0.47% or 8575 links
  8. SoundCloud – 0.45% or 8207 links
  9. Wikipedia – 0.41% or 7383 links
  10. WordPress – 0.37% or 6739 links
  11. DeviantArt – 0.35% or 6348 links
  12. Vimeo – 0.23% or 4168 links

Imgur, the social image sharing site, maintains the top spot as the most linked-to property on reddit. The two surprising sites to see in the list are DeviantArt and SoundCloud – creativity on the web is far from dead.

In our next post, we’ll dive into the user engagement numbers around posts from each of these properties to see what site drives the most engaged conversations.

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