• Imgur One Sheet – Site statistics, demographics, and third party scores (PDF)
  • Imgur Media Kit – An overview of the ad unit offerings, reporting, and tracking features (PPTX)

Ad Specification

Imgur supports image ads in the following formats: JPEG, PNG, and GIF (Animated GIF). There is no direct limit on the pixel height and width of the image but Imgur enforces a size limitation of 2MB.

Beyond size limitations, Imgur’s native ad unit shouldn’t be treated like a display ad. Imgurians expect sponsored images to behave in the same way that native content does. The content should fundamentally be social, something people want to share with their friends/fellow Imgurians. This typically means avoiding images that are simple a call to action like standard display ads.

Here are some examples of well-received branded content:


For all inquiries regarding advertising on Imgur, please contact Todd Cullen at ThoughtLeadr.

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