SAN FRANCISCO, CA – ThoughtLeadr announced today that it has formed a new partnership with Imgur, the social image sharing site. ThoughtLeadr is providing Imgur a self-serve advertising platform supporting a native advertising unit on Imgur’s site. Testing is underway to optimize the look and feel, and performance of the ad unit. The new system will be generally available in June of this year. ThoughtLeadr is looking for agencies and brands interested in early access to the system. ThoughtLeadr is also providing display ad optimization for Imgur’s existing display ads based on its analysis of social data.

Imgur is one of the fastest growing sites on the internet with over 200% annually growth. In the past month, Imgur has had over 30 million unique users and 2 billion page views. “We couldn’t ask for a better first partner than Imgur. They have seen first hand how traditional advertising systems marginalize all the great content getting generated on their site. We’re helping them realize the full value of their content.” said Todd Cullen, ThoughtLeadr’s Founder and CEO.

About ThoughtLeadr

ThoughtLeadr was founded on the guiding principle that the content people actively engage with, matters most. From that basic concept, ThoughtLeadr built an analytics engine to understand what motivates people to engage on the social web. Those social data insights form the core of what has become ThoughtLeadr’s first two products. The first is a self-serve ad server powering native in-stream ad units for social networks. The second is a display ad optimization product specifically tailored to boost CPMs against the user generated content on social networks.

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