ThoughtLeadr Friday: Weekly Round-up of the best stories in Emerging Social Media.

Advertisers’ Free Ride May End On Facebook

The free ride for advertisers, using Facebook fan pages for the majority of their Facebook advertising, looks to be coming to an end. Gordmans, an Omaha retailer is a case study on the future of native social advertising on Facebook. “There is simply more competition” according to Veronica Stecker, Gordman’s media manager who said that free Facebook messages from their Facebook fan page didn’t pay out. They were losing visibility to competing posts. The solution? Sponsored Stories which deliver greater reach and ROI.


Twitter CEO Dick Costolo: We’re 100% Focused on Advertising

Twitter has a focus: Advertising revenue. Twitter CEO Dick Costelo affirms that Twitter’s focus will be advertising revenue. Responses to Promoted Tweets continue were “incredibly high”. However, Mr. Costolo admitted that the company still has “a ton of work to do” in honing the targeting and frequency-capping of promoted tweets. But he seemed satisfied in the general acceptance of the advertiser-powered tweets among Twitter users.


Social media sites are a first down for ads

Remember the SuperBowl? Social Media sites are now a first down for Super Bowl advertisers that no longer wait until the big Sunday to launch their advertisements. When an advertising slot of 30 seconds costs $3.5 million, companies engage social media even earlier to establish and increase engagement. The first channel to receive their content? Social Media sites and communities. Looks like brands no longer want to wait until kick-off to get an edge.


How I made over $200M on Display Advertising.

CPA advertising pioneer shares how he spent five years generating over $200 million in advertising revenue. A great story on the need to continuously test and measure across multiple advertising initiatives. If you are building a social advertising model, this experience is timeless.

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