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Twitter’s Redesign Isn’t Really Helping Advertisers:

Author: Jon Elvekrog, CEO of 140 Proof.

Elvekrog argues that Twitter advertising needs to do more for brands including:

1) Relevant ad matching. Brands only have the option of targeting their followers or users with what Twitter calls “similar interests.” It needs to allow marketers to go beyond those targets.

2) Creative options. In-stream ad units are limited to what the brand has already tweeted from the corporate feed. There’s no option to change creative content on the fly or to serve different content to different users, which makes A/B testing impossible.

3) Delivering volume. Twitter has finally started inserting ads — in the form of sponsored hashtags — into its own branded smartphone apps. But they’re not available on many other popular clients.


New Verbs, New Marketing Opportunities Coming From Facebook

The CMO Site

Facebook launches its Opengraph applications that will allow developers that build apps to let community members tell each other what they are using. Verbs is the new paradigm and automated sharing will be given to all applications with this feature.


Online advertising budgets: 5% for Facebook in 2012

ZDNet Friending Facebook

Source: ZDNet

“Facebook continues to be where marketers are placing new bets by adding advertising spend with a focus on fan acquisition,” David Karnstedt, President and CEO of Efficient Frontier, said in a statement. “Mobile search advertising is also an area of significant investment, growing to 7-8% from 2% a year ago. We should expect both channels to grow significantly in 2012.”

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