Planning & Platforms: Identify where your target audience currently lives and are most active in Social Media. Fragmentation of Social Media platforms means that different audiences are active in various platforms. Conduct research which platforms match your client’s target audience demographic. Which platforms does your target audience spend their time and how much time?

For example, research shows that time on sent spent on a social networks, Facebook and Reddit, are currently in the double digit minute averages, leading the engagement metrics of other social media networks.

Social Media Network Biggest populations (by age) Time Spent Per Visit (minutes)
Facebook 18 – 25 23.20
Reddit 25 – 44 16.15
Twitter 26 – 34 14.24
Tumblr 18 – 34 7.40
Google+ 18 – 25 6.15

Sources: Nielsen, Google, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook

According to the IAB, the 4 steps of planning and platforms include:

  1. Set clear, measurable objectives
  2. Understand target audience motivations and behavior
  3. Develop a creative approach that’s a best fit for the brand on the social media platform
  4. Define success metrics and prepare to track them on the appropriate platform


Planning and Platform selection for Social Media digital campaigns doesn’t need to be extremely difficult. Media buyers and planners should have a clear understanding of audience reach and behavior on each particular platform. Each social media platform has its own best practices for behavior and Media Buyers and Planners should understand what drives engagement and reach on each platform.

Why does Facebook and Reddit command such large amount of time on their platforms when contrasted with other popular Social Media platforms? Some social media platforms already make it easy for brands to engage and some may already have an established presence. Leveraging historical performance around similar or client brands can shorten the learning curve of specific platform behavior best practices.

Interested in learning more about how to identify and plan digital media campaigns on Social Media platforms with high engagement metrics?  Contact our team today or call (415) 529 – 3007 and let’s share with you our best insights.

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