Meet Athena

Athena is an ad server as a service designed for human beings. It takes minutes to setup and launch a campaign. Workflows are easy to navigate and making changes are quick and painless. Athena is powered by Haskell, the most sophisticated programming language on the planet. That technological edge translates to better tracking, speed of delivery, and creative performance. With Athena, advertisers can own and control the pipeline like they never have before.

Fraud Detection

Click farms, bots, and ad stacking are just a few of the many forms of ad fraud found in the market. Athena’s proprietary ad fraud detection engine stops you from paying for impressions you’re not actually getting.

All Formats

Athena was built from the ground up to support all major formats including Native, Display, Video, and Mobile. Trials on rising star units are run on rotating basis allowing you to test the latest formats.


This is Athena’s easiest feature to miss. Speed means lightning fast delivery of creative anywhere in the world. While you might not notice it on first glance, you’ll definitely see the results in your creative performance.

Data Control

Athena just manages your data, you own it. Athena has helpful tools to export any and all of your data so you have total access and control.

Real-Time Metrics

Making informed decisions for campaign optimization is all about the data. We provide all of the standard metrics plus metrics you normally pay a third party vendor for like viewability.

Flexible Reporting

Reporting interfaces can be customized to meet your specific needs or you can export the data to the format of your choice. You can even integrate your internal systems directly with our reporting API.

In-Line Preview

Athena allows users to see and test their campaign as they build it. Don’t let buggy ads hit production.

A Few of Our Clients

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Meet Athena for Publishers

Athena makes it easy to integrate and deploy the latest adtech with a simple push button interface. You can create native ad placements, add demand from a PMP, direct sell video inventory, and much more with Athena, the Ad Server as a Service built for Publishers. Its all done via a simple and intuitive interface that doesn’t require a search engine to explain how it works.

Yield Optimization

Athena will yield optimize a range of demand sources on the server to deliver the best ads to your users. This boosts both your bottom line and greatly improves the responsiveness of your website or mobile app.

Adaptive Technology

Its not always easy to connect your ad server to your website or mobile app. Athena has a powerful adaptor system that makes integrating systems a straight forward process.

Customer Service

Software alone can achieve great things but sometimes it takes an actual person to kick start the process. With Athena, you get a full time support team ready to put our software to action.

Sales Process

The platform provides full controls to support premium direct sold campaigns as well as programatic and even PMP deals. There are no limitations to the way you can sell your inventory in Athena.

Is Athena a good fit for you? Contact us today to learn more!
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At Thoughtleadr, we believe in a healthy advertising ecosystem. Advertisers should get access to a targeted users, free of ad fraud in all its machinations. Publishers should be paid a fair price for access to their users. ThoughtLeadr builds SaaS tools to make that belief a reality.

Adam Lipman – CEO

Adam has a diverse background that spans multiple industries. He spent more than a decade with one of the world’s largest biotech companies as both a technologist and a leader of a global team. He spent three years as COO of one of the top mobile software development studios in the world. While there, he led this game-changing software development company to new heights and helped shape the digital presence of many of the world’s leading brands. Adam earned a bachelor of science in Molecular Biology and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of California at Davis.

Todd Cullen – CTO

Todd founded ThoughtLeadr in 2011 when he saw the trouble social sites, like reddit and Imgur, had monetizing through traditional digital advertising techniques at the time. Todd has been involved in startups on four continents. His previous company, ReignDesign, is one of the premier mobile design and development companies in Asia. Todd’s passions include UI development, language design, blockchain Dapps, cycling, and skiing. Todd earned a bachelor of arts in both Biology and Economics from Wake Forest University.

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