We make it easy

A native advertising platform for anyone. ThoughtLeadr makes it simple to place designated sponsored content within your site’s existing content stream. It’s clean, seamless, and inspires up to 10-20X more user engagement leading to significantly more revenue.


Pair the right demand partner and content type to best fit the site and unit.


One tag to rule them all. No complicated waterfall to engineer and manage.


Our data science goes to work optimizing the ads served to match specific users' interests.

Direct sold

  • Maintain look and feel of the site with custom ads
  • Utilize advanced technographic and geographic targeting
  • Discover flexible and easy impression capping and campaign pacing controls
  • Easily support multiple sets of creative for a single campaign
  • Allocate budget across multiple sites or sets of creative
  • Track all key metrics agencies and brands care about

Yield optimization

  • Access to more than 15 sources of premium demand
  • Discover a variety of demand partners for every type of native advertising
  • Add your existing partners to the our stack to have them all compete for your inventory
  • Utilize concurrent calls to minimize ad load latency
  • Our smart algorithms do all the work to determine best eCPM
  • Automatic targeting by topic, user behavior, and interest

Realtime data monitoring

  • Focus on the data you need with easy-to-visualize performance metrics with multiple filters
  • Analyze revenue projections to understand your full revenue stream
  • Review month-end revenue statements in Accounting tab


Demand source

Possible formats to match your site



for total control